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And setting up a business


Taxation and Reporting Issues


Client banking operations and payment of bills, taxes and salaries


Management of bank and other payments


Budgeting, control and performance assessment of the company;


Payroll Calculations and Reports

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Clear prices

You pay only for the result: our prices are based on the work done, we also inform the client about the pricing of the services provided.

Cost per hour specialist



Carrying out services

Reports on the work done

We use the best software in our work.


Shared access by client and accountant

This software allows you to automate 100% financial management of the company. Accounting is generated automatically at the stage of creating accounts for sales, purchases, payroll, warehouse accounting and registration of other actions.

The program allows you to submit reports via the Internet, has integration with the Internet Bank, electronic document flow, product accounting systems.

Information from Dashboard

You can quickly get necessary information in their work. All information consists of dashboard panels, where you can see, at a glance, current status, changes and upcoming events.

It adapts to your needs.

As you change needs you can easily make changes to your services and change the number of users. You can add and delete services yourself, and you will always have those software modules in whom you need

Easy to use service

Individual rights and user settings help to quickly see the tasks that have attitude to you. The software reminds you of the timing and necessary actions,
Mobile applications make the system flexible, regardless of your location.


Sharing is possible

We use this software for clients who prefer traditional accounting: based on the received primary documentation, we make entries in the program and send reports to official bodies and insurance companies.

An online program that has several applications for each area of financial accounting: sales invoicing, cost accounting and payment of accounts, banking accounting, calculation salaries and other opportunities.

F.I.N.Konto – is an accounting company in Helsinki region, but we offer online solutions for the whole Finnish region.
We offer diverse ways of bookkeeping, such as modern online services and traditional book-keeping.


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